Since 2007, over nine million people have come to Bellyitch Blog for pregnancy and parenting- related news and information, reviews and celeb bump watch.

We created the Mom Charm Shop first to sell classic, yet unique and chic charms that can be worn on the wrist or neck to announce to the world an affinity for motherhood.

We hand selected our pieces imported from merchants all over the world and some finished in the United States.  The materials are top quality and fine crafted sterling silver, zinc alloy, authentic pearl, silver and gold tone and plated and the price point is affordable.

After success of that store, we evolved in interest and moved on to accommodate the interest of our audience and customers and began selling vanity screen t-shirts for parents, and other creatives like bloggers, writers and thinkers, and related items.

Express your individuality and all the things you love and adore through your charms.

Thanks for shopping!

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